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>I wont buy it, but someone else should".

No. Its not about that.

Since most such people already use a laptop throughout the day and have iPhone. So its something they think might be more used by people who are not carrying a computing/entertainment device throughout the day.

I agree. I own a computer repair shop. 90% of our customers, all they want to do is surf the web, check email, look at pictures, and keep in touch with the family. The iPad is great for this. If I could give an iPad to every confused PC user who wanders in looking lost and forlorn, a good majority of them could walk out 10 minutes later, knowing how to do all of the things they want to be able to do on the web. Not everyone needs or wants to do all of the things we HN readers need and want to do on the web, so not everyone needs a device that will allow them to do more. For a lot of people, the restrictions actually make it easier.

Definitely agree with this. With an iphone and a laptop already, I don't have much need for an ipad.

However, I was watching the unveiling with my mom, and she thought it might be perfect for her needs. She doesn't have (or want) a smartphone and doesn't really need (or want to spend the money on) a full-fledged laptop. But she does want an easy-to-use portable device, especially one that she can use on trips for emailing, maps, watching movies, etc.

Oh, and the Wii analogy fits perfectly for her, too.

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