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I agree. I use my computer all the time for dev work. I want an ipad to do all of the other things I use my computer for - email, web surfing, watching videos, so I can do them on the go, or from the comfort of my couch and not at my desk.

You really want to use an iPad for email? I think I'd be running for my laptop after about 6 words.

I do most of my e-mail on my iPhone these days. "Sent from my iPhone" is a great way to justify a quick response.

Just grab the keyboard stand from out of your backpack. Or, you can use one of these:


Someone should write an iPhone app that does this over Bluetooth.

at that point, why not just use your laptop? I still don't get it I guess...

Plenty of people are very comfortable with thumb-typing on a Blackberry-like thing or typing on an iPhone. You always have the phone with you, and it's a lot less overhead than getting out the laptop.

The "getting out the laptop" overhead is a killer for me. I will often go an entire weekend at home (when I have work needing to be done, etc) without switching from iPhone to laptop because I just couldn't be bothered getting out the laptop and firing it up. To be fair though, part of that's probably because my laptop is 5-6 years old, standby doesn't work and the battery life is average.

There are a lot of times when I need to SEE my email without composing email. I read a lot more email than I reply to, or I will need to see something but won't need to respond immediately, or I will log into email to get tracking info for packages, etc. I wouldn't use it for email all the time, of course. I'm not going to write a novel on the thing. That is rather impractical. But for accessing email when I'm away from the desk, it would be better than, say, an iphone, and less cumbersome than a laptop.

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