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Raspberry Pi Zero – Programming Over USB (gbaman.info)
65 points by detaro on Jan 6, 2016 | hide | past | web | favorite | 12 comments

Bookmarked! Still waiting for the PiZero to become available, but meanwhile I'm satisfied that I can continue developing on the big Pi and port everything to the Zero.

I'm kicking myself for not picking up one yesterday. Adafruit had a hundred available, but by the time I had found other things to let me justify to myself paying the shipping charge, they were all out.

Just wondering what the sticking point was? I would buy at least 10 of them if there were any in stock the > 30 times I've checked recently.

The two sticking points were that they were limit 1, and that I was very very tired, having not slept well.

Same here on the availability front. I really wish that production run would finish up.

Sounds like a cheap way to build a (somewhat) small DIY keylogger!

A key logger would require both an USB input and output.

However, the idea of a backdoor delivery is interesting. You could e.g. have a switch for the three major platforms (Linux, Win, OS X) wired to GPIO, and then use flaws in USB descriptor parsing (or in drivers) to hijack the machine automatically. Or just have it emulate a disk drive and rely on automounting together with a virtual keyboard to run commands.

Kali Nethunter does this from Android phones, and I know they distribute images for assorted arm boards, maybe they'll start offering that sort of things for devices with the proper hardware

Hmm...a bit hackish, but two zeros back to back, connected over SPI, would be able to transmit the keystrokes with minimal latency there. Course at that point, it's less hackish just to get one of the $10~$20 boards that has a usb input and output.

See also: USB Rubber Ducky

That's very cool! Will definitely have to have a play with this.

Wow, that's pretty cool.

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