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Besides, I see some conceptual problems with concepts such as what is iTunes; why I can't download mp3 files to the tablet and listen to them; how to print PDF files?

They're going to be especially serious in countries with somewhat limited iTunes Store that does not support music, movies and shows.

For instance, Poland, which is rich enough for iPhone but apparently, but not for full version if iTunes Store.

I completely agree with the article, though. I've got very excited about all my non-tech friends, which constantly suffer from tech problems.

The presented problems are no longer purely technical, though, like they were on regular computers. They're just usability issues.

why I can't download mp3 files to the tablet and listen to them

Funny, but have been I doing that with iTunes on a bunch other Apple devices for years now.

From the web? Not all music is downloaded/available from iTunes Store.

Yes, downloaded from the web. eMusic and Amazon mp3, to be precise. Other sources work too, I hear. ;)

Actually, the downloader utilities from eMusic and Amazon pretty much inject those things directly into iTunes.

You have to have a filesystem for this, though. At least, if you download from some random source, w/o any official application.

From what I see, there's no classical filesystem on Apple iPad - just per application resources - so it won't work easily.

Obviously, there are some fixes to this particular problem. However, keep in mind, that I just wanted to give few examples of possible confusions.

Without the actual device, it's hard to give more specific examples of complains.

There's a classical filesystem. Trust me. You may not see it, but it's there.

There's nearly always a filesystem. It is not visible on iPad, though. I talk only about usability and user's perspective.

No need to go into details. From the hackerish perspective, the internals of iPad might be nothing but BSD/Mach combined with touch screen.

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