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How can you be multiscalar with a decoder that only does 1 ops/cycle? Intel does 6:

> From the original Core 2 through Haswell/Broadwell, Intel has used a four-wide front-end for fetching instructions. Skylake is the first change to this aspect in roughly a decade, with the ability to now fetch up to six micro-ops per cycle. Intel doesn’t indicate how many execution units are available in Skylake’s back-end, but we know everything from Core 2 through Sandy Bridge had six execution units while Haswell has eight execution ports. We can assume Skylake is now more than eight, and likely the ability to dispatch more micro-ops as well, but Intel didn’t provide any specifics.


I think he meant that the decoding latency is 1 cycle, not that per 1 cycle the core can only decode one instruction.

That is, each baby takes 9 cycles to form, but per 9 cycles the population can have more than one baby.

He was talking about latency, you're talking about throughput.

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