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Microsoft | Redmond, WA | ONSITE | Software Engineer

The Azure Search team is looking for a front-end software engineer to work on the Azure Portal area of the service.

We're a startup within the company, growing our business with great autonomy and focused on delivering customer value.

Read more about how we think about startups, big companies and customer value here: https://medium.com/@pabloc/a-startup-at-microsoft-43dd2a78b9...

We're looking for a software engineer with a strong sense of design, an ease-of-use mindset and a passion for creating simple and beautiful experiences. On the technical side, we need someone with production Web UI experience (development, automated UI testing, debugging) who's comfortable with learning and using a mix of languages and technologies (html/javascript/typescript on the client, C#/Java on the server).

All applicants are welcome from any race, gender, age, sexual orientation, national origin or religion.

If you're interested ping me at pablo.castro (@) microsoft (.) com


I sent an email the previous post you made here on HN, but never got a response. I am still very much interested in the position.

Hey, I tried to get back to all applications that included experience aligned with the description above. Sorry if I missed yours, if you re-send I'll definitely take a look.

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