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Um, it depends on what exactly you mean by "reference implementation" or "running". If you mean one of the silicon test chips, that might be hard to swing. I don't have them at my desk and they take a lot of setup to actually use (a setup process which I am unfamiliar with). I'd have to ask the grad student who worked on the bring-up to help me. But if you'd be satisfied with seeing the reference RTL run on an FPGA, that would certainly be possible.

Or just run it yourself. I brought up Rocket on a Zedboard following the instructions. Rocket isn't ideal if your ultimate target is an FPGA, but IIRC it's currently the only that includes the virtual memory support that is needed to boot Linux.

BOOM also has virtual memory support. But yes, if you have a Zedboard, you can run the reference RTL yourself. Of course, those things are pretty costly, so I understand if you'd like to see someone else do it.

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