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Band-e Kaisar – “Caesar's dam”‎‎ (wikipedia.org)
16 points by benbreen on Jan 4, 2016 | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

Posted this because I found it fascinating that a Roman-built bridge and dam was being used as far east as Iran and for as long as the late 19th century. But on top of the that, the possibility that it was built by Roman soldiers under the command of the captured emperor Valerian is what really amazed me. Valerian has gone down in history as the only Roman emperor to be captured in battle [1] but I didn't realize that his soldiers basically became a civil engineering corps for the Persian empire.

[1] From Wikipedia: "Eutropius, writing between 364–378 AD, stated that Valerianus 'was overthrown by Shapur king of Persia, and being soon after made prisoner, grew old in ignominious slavery among the Parthians.' An early Christian source, Lactantius, thought to be virulently anti-Persian, thanks to the occasional persecution of Christians by some Sassanian monarchs, maintained that for some time prior to his death Valerian was subjected to the greatest insults by his captors, such as being used as a human footstool by Shapur when mounting his horse."

That's interesting. It seems too coincidental that Fallout: New Vegas has Caesar's Legion fighting over a dam and a character called Valerian.

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