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The described sensitivity is easily related to by software engineers. It's often difficult to receive an annual review or feedback from code commits. It's a feeling of wanting feedback to continue growth, and fearing it due to sensitivity.

One book I've enjoyed which equips confidence is "Thanks for the Feedback." It's a book by Douglas Stone & Sheila Heen of the Harvard Negotiation Project.

Prepare to read one chapter every few days. It's a heavy read. Well written, it's an abundance of information: you may need to take time for brain rewiring as I did.

Amazon link:

Thanks for the Feedback - http://www.amazon.com/Thanks-Feedback-Science-Receiving-Well...

Sorry, but engineers are not artists. People need to stop elevating their profession and job titles to something they're not and take pride in what you actually are; which is pretty great in itself.

I agree that it's very unlikely engineers are more sensitive than the average person, but engineers can also be highly sensitive and perhaps it's useful to provide some advice for handling career-specific situations.

I don't know how elevated that is, you are an artist if you make art and art might be really simple.

As Wendy Cope reminded us in Engineers' Corner.

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