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One of my favorite RPG games is Space Station 13; in that part of the game is to ACTUALLY role play your job, instead of just being a wizard and having certain abilities and thats as far as you go. That's one of the best things about getting together with a bunch of friends in a D&D match; coming up with entertaining quests. But it's rare to find a game that actually encourages the role playing aspect, and a large part of SS13 is the stuff that other players / admins will do to spice up the gameplay for others.

For the unfamiliar, here's an example of some of the gameplay of a janitor: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpBxqZYgem8

What you look for is not a game system, but a game master. At the beginning of every decent rule book is a sentence equivalent to this: "this book is by no means definitive; if tearing it apart and throwing it out of the window is what brings you and your team most joy, you should tear it apart".

If you enjoy playing a character and you want it to be the most important aspect of the game, you need to look for something called "storytelling" and you need to find a game master who favours this playing style.

You can easily do storytelling in (otherwise heavily formalized) D&D/d20, it only takes rest of your team to agree.

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