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Google | Mountain View / San Francisco / London | Software Engineer | Onsite


Google for Work Labs/Incubation is a skunk works R&D team working inside of Google's Enterprise division, coming up with the next big google B2B product

The team operates as a startup, and has internal funding rounds for each of our ideas. On a regular basis our teams interact with [x], life-sciences, ventures, and other alphabet companies.

The team tries to solve the following question: What business technology need is currently going unsolved, that can be built today, where google has a distinct advantage.

Once we identify a product which meets that criteria, we'll evaluate and potentially create an MVP and raise a seed fund (from google). If the project's successful we'll keep going through funding rounds and raising money internally.

As a prototype engineer, you'll get to write software for custom circuit-boards & hardware, embedded computing, cloud computing, big data, mobile apps, and web-apps.

We're looking for candidates with a strong software background, and an understating of product. Feel free to email me directly at bookman@google.com with your resume and a link to your github.

Like many others, I have applied to Google using Google careers many times with no response received. I mailed you my resume and would be glad if you can inform me in case of rejection as well. My email is vijayqwert at gmail.

I think if google would respond to all applications it would crack down the whole Email/network in seconds... They receive hundreds of thousands applications each day...

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