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I actually agree with you 100% that people love something that's easy to play with. That's what I meant when I said that Apple's simplicity is their strength. What I'm talking about is a difference between "open" turnkey and "closed" turnkey.

I love turnkey, and so do a lot of people. Who wants to fuss with installing new software, etc.? That's my perspective.

Closed-systems are much easier to make turnkey, but they aren't the only alternative.

Just because something is open, doesn't mean that it can't be simple. It CAN be tinkered with, but it doesn't have to be to make it work.

That response is shorter than I'd like, but I have to run unfortunately.

Very well said - I really can't understand why so many people on HN think turnkey == closed. Sure there is a correlation, but is it just me or does it seem like everyone has forgotten that correlation != causation.

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