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Ask HN: New Year's resolution – What projects are you planning to start in 2016?
51 points by kernelv on Dec 31, 2015 | hide | past | web | favorite | 72 comments

Get at least one, but hopefully two, signed publisher agreements for board game designs. I already have one prototype that's been getting playtested by a major publishing company. I've got two other prototypes that are probably two revisions away from being able to submit them to publishers.

I also want to make a 3D (and hopefully VR) version of my old strategy video game design, Proximity, and release it on as many platforms as possible.

Make a small app using Swift and self-publish that so I can prove to employers that I have Swift experience (I've tinkered with it enough to get a good handle on it but haven't finished anything) and maybe get back into mobile development full-time again (currently doing ASP.NET development). I have a good amount of Objective-C experience but no one seems to care about that anymore.

Finally, I have a novel with a second draft that's nearly finished that I'd like to turn into an ebook form, get some private readers, and do one more quick revision before sending it off to publishers. Because of how screwed up book publishing has gotten, I may end up self-publishing, but I know if I do that it's only going to make like, 100 sales at best, so I'd rather try to find a publisher first.

If I get all that accomplished next year it will have been a pretty good year. I got a lot started in 2015 but nothing got finished.

I'd like to expand my knowledge in machine learning/AI. I am not that great at math so this will push my boundaries a bit. I am on chapter 2 of this: http://neuralnetworksanddeeplearning.com/chap2.html

Ultimate goal is to be able to intuitively see valuable places where machine learning would actually be useful in solving problems people have in the world. I'd like to be able to debate ideas with people that know ML better than I do and not be completely ignorant. And then apply them to my startup or a future company.

You might enjoy Andrej Karpathy's work as a supplement as well:

http://karpathy.github.io/neuralnets/ http://cs231n.github.io/

Ah, I'm reading that, too! Looking forward to understand more about ML since I see it'll be a good part of Computer Science in the coming years :)

New project: Finish my projects

Weird, it's the same as my 2015 NYE's project.

EDIT: Otherwise, I'll keep bitching at Javascript for being terrible, will try out Mithril, will try to do more FP and will definitely do some Rust. Wanted to write libsavefile to read data from gamesaves and such. Might be fun.

amen... 18 months and climbing...

My resolution isn't a specific project, but more of a general commitment to spending regular time on side projects.

I've very recently been enjoying using pomodoro[1] cycles to track my productivity at work and I'd like to translate the same behavior to my side projects and commit to getting 4 cycles done per week (~2 hours), and tracking that information to keep myself accountable.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pomodoro_Technique

Like many others here, I plan to finish some things I've started before. In particular:

1. Complete an open-source 2-D RPG engine in C#

2. Write a full-length science fiction novel

3. Increase the number of tutorials/training videos I create for my site and YouTube

I also have an idea forming around an in-person workshop to introduce teens to programming. I'd like to do this in Paraguay, for less-privileged kids, and be able to provide them with a laptop/netbook. But, that may end up being a 2017 project.

I've already built it and I am finalizing website copy, static pages, etc before launching.

I built network 'canaries', for lack of a better word, that do a couple things.

  1) They emulate popular services, Web Server, FTP Server, MySQL server.

  2) They provide you with information and alert you when other machines talk to it (for example, it will give you information from a POST request on a page that has a password field).
They are essentially network trapdoors that let you find people doing things they shouldn't on your network and are all precompiled ELFs, which make deployment super easy.

I want this to provide me with real revenue (my 2016 goal). If you have input for me please let me know what you think.

Congrats! This is quite interesting and I look forward to seeing the site. Have you come across CyberChaff [1]? It seems like you may have similar goals. CyberChaff makes use of HaLVM [2] so this approach (using unikernels) seems like it might suit you too.

I've put together a website to help gather the unikernel projects [3], so if you choose to consider this approach for your next round of work, please do share your experiences there!

[1] https://galois.com/project/cyberchaff/ [2] https://github.com/GaloisInc/HaLVM [3] http://unikernel.org

Thanks a lot. I'm familiar with those projects and while v1 of my project doesn't use it it would be amazing to use it for the higher interaction canaries/honeypots I build.

I'd be interested in hearing more about it and how it compares to other established honeypots (e.g. Kippo).

Is there a place I can go now to learn more?

I have a logging and alerting aspect with email/SMS, as well as way more types of services than just SSH.

Mine are also easily hackable from a developer standpoint. People who buy it can easily add new alerting and logging servers of their own.

I love this! Is there any way I can follow your work/progress?

Hey I really appreciate the interest. If you email the email address in my profile I'll make sure to get you set up for free when I'm set up in the next month.

The same "email for free access" offer goes for anyone else who is interested as well. Please email me and I would be glad to get you set up with an account.

Objection!!! That's a leading question!

I plan to finish existing projects in 2016!

Actually, my current plan is to get outdoors more and play music more. That may conflict with my earlier plan to finish existing projects.

I've had a project in mind for a while, and I've built a prototype for my own use, but I'm looking into creating a public version of it.

A unified package tracking website. Put in some tracking numbers, get a centralized list, get status updates for all your packages from a single source. There's one site I've found that sort of does this (packagetrackr.com), but quite frankly it's awful.

I also have some ideas for premium services: forward emails and automatically extract/add tracking numbers to your account, SMS notifications, a few others. I just have to pull the trigger and actually make it.

As someone who gets a metric butt-ton of packages, my prototype has been super useful. I actually have it automatically parsing my mailbox and extracting links already, which is really convenient. Where possible I also extract any product names and display them next to the tracking number.

Not discouraging your prototype/project at all, but make sure to check out http://www.aftership.com - service works really well for lots of different couriers :)

Seems to be a slightly different concept. That seems to mainly be for shippers, whereas mine would be for receivers. Also, their pricing seems a little absurd, I'm pretty surprised they have such big name customers.

I still think my project would be viable though, since it would have a free plan with unlimited packages.

Thanks for the heads up about aftership. If nothing else, it'll be a good way to get a list of carriers I should look at supporting :)

Sounds a bit like a web version of this: http://junecloud.com/software/iphone/deliveries.html

Yup, definitely aiming to solve the same problem. My hope though is that by making it web based (and perhaps providing an app) I can lure some businesses into using it to track all their incoming packages, which they wouldn't want to do with a phone app exclusively.

Augmented Graffiti: A mobile app where users draw and post images to any surface, which are able to be viewed through the camera by those in the user's social network.

I've been a bit afraid to start this (or any) side project due to my time consuming bad habits. However 2016 is the year for me, and you.

Best of luck everyone.

Prioritize my list of projects for a change. I'm far too guilty of "chasing the shiny new object." I work on a project, realize how much work will be needed, resignedly go on with it, something new comes along...you get the idea. Recently found out about the Pomodoro technique, which will be helpful for new stuff and the HabitBull app for ongoing projects.



Been talking/planning it for a few months but broke ground over the holiday break.

I'm working on creating an accelerated genomics data pipeline. Core focuses is on the following: 1) Accelerating the genome alignment process from ~45 min to <1 min. (completed) 2) Database that allows users to compare up to 10 genomes for their differences/similarities with basepair mutations (in progress) 3) Ability to overlay data science-y stuff (H20 framework) against up to 10 genome mutation datasets to run clustering algos (or other methods). (Q2/Q3 2016)

I just got a basic prototype up and running that overlays a visual interface on top of a full human genome mutation data set. Currently wrapping up a disease comparison table so that user can run intersections to find potential areas of diseases.

There's lots of tools out there that do stuff like this already but they're often in terminal, require lots of coding exp. or stats, and are really technical to use. Additionally, lots of challenges on the data front since these data sets can be between 3gb to 150gb per human genome. This makes doing comparative genomics at scale hard.

My hope is to build a basic prototype that is visually easy to use, straight forward, fast, and provides proper insight. The ultimate goal would be to create a platform that allows users to do massive population-based genomics (10,000 genomes+). Reason? Because it's super fascinating and once I get my genome sequence, it will be really fun to dive into the software of me.

A few months ago I took a position as a Team Lead. For the first time in my career I am responsible for the work of others. My focus is going to be on making it as easy as possible for the folks on my team to do their jobs with minimal interruptions or annoyances. I know that means I'll have Outlook and Word open at least as much or more than my IDE, which will be a big change.

I'd like to learn a JS framework as well. I don't know any and it's probably getting to the point where that's going to start holding me back professionally soon.

good luck! After six months as cto, I have to tell you, ohhh boy I HATE IT!

What part?

"A few times I been 'round this track" - Gwenneth Rennae Steffani.

Deep in a few years on a couple of things. Wish it was as simple as starting new things each year, but I fall hard and commit deep to projects. This has come from learning it's best to hang in there and see shit out. Personally interested in the wilderness between Youtube and plain old television, personally. Onwards we go into the new year I guess. Best of luck everyone with 2016 projects.

* Publish a Shopify plugin I started recently. I need to just do it and not get distracted by perfecting every little thing.

* Other than that, I ran about 1000 miles this year but want to be more consistent and avoid taking weeks long breaks from running.

* Read less and but get more out of it. I read about 25 books, but so many of them I don't remember much from them. I'll try to sink my teeth into 12 or so instead.

* Lose 10 lbs. Lost 15 this year, 10 more would be ideal for me I think.

Finishing and working on getting more traffic to : http://startupwrench.com -- Also get some advertisements going, and hopefully build out the job-board. Right now, to get the first 5 jobs there's a coupon code: Firsties if interested go to: http://jobs.startupwrench.com 65% off.

It's already bringing in some adsense money, and I'm not sure how much on affiliate programs, as they are a little harder to track and see as they are a bit over the place, maybe I'll try to use curl and pull in data from the aff programs. But the job-board could be a gold mine.

I'm also wanting to start a service where users can submit their startup and we push it out to all the startup listing directories like startupli.st and producthunt, and tweet/dm and email a bunch of tech blogs, kind of like a PR blast just for new startups and apps. I'd want to make it as automated though to lower profit margin, rather than doing everything by hand.

You might wanna disable debug in your Laravel config. There is a debug bar that shouldn't be there.

thx, yeah I enabled that earlier today after a push failed, forgot to change the .env back, thanks for catching that.

I'm finishing up the mobile site for https://socialite.ooo, looking to start dropping invites in a few days. I started it New Years last year, so I'm stoked that I was able to get it to launch in one year of moonlighting.

I have a basic fitness app I want to build, should be super easy, hopefully be able to crank it out in January. A friend pointed out the idea while on vacation, there are no other apps for this on Android or iOS. I'll be giving that friend half of the profit as a thanks for the idea.

February, start working with a former colleague on a business idea, we haven't decided which idea yet though but we have a few that have potential. Finally working on something security related in my spare time.

Do two classes per semester (after work). That should let me finish my masters by June 2017. Then my girlfriend and I can get off the east coast to somewhere warmer.

Save more money. Buy less stuff. Present at some security conferences.

I have been writing a lisp interpreter and mind=blown. I really want to write a harder one now - maybe a basic python interpreter, or make my own little language :D

I also really want to get proficient enough in the JS world to make a simple web app. So far everytime i start wondering what has changed since MVC+jQuery and shopping around million frameworks.

Some really exciting things coming down the pipeline in the startup I work on.

On the personal side, A huge huge undertaking for my brother and I that's been a dream of ours for a long time. We'll be building the web app with MeteorJS and React. These two tools enable us to really build our vision with the few resources we have.

I also want to start a proper YouTube channel dedicated to Meteor programming. I've ordered my Microphone which should arrive whenever, it's new years so no rush. Once I get that I will start recording some cool stuff that hopefully helps grow the developer base. They say that you don't really know the material unless you can explain it in simple terms. That's my main reason for launching the channel.

Maybe, if there's time and things take off, I'll dive into Elixir/Phoenix.90% chance I won't though.


@Sergio in July: How is the project going so far? How many videos have you made?

I want to find and develop high quality information 'scraping' and annotation and find a good community to connect with, in support of research and health system projects.

I posted about this here https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=10595190 but even though it seems to be a common desire, there doesn't seem to be much organization around it, aside from the really heavyweight projects which I don't think are necessary for most purposes.

hypothes.is and overviewdocs.com are two open source projects that are in the right direction, but I want to find a less centralized design.

Last year, January 3rd, I started to rewrite one of my iOS projects thinking it would take some one day or two. The last 10% has taken the whole year. Obviously not working on it every day, and "burn out" is included.

Even though it is a side project, I want to grow http://griggi.com to a full blown startup so that I can completely move on from my day job.

A tentative goal is to cover all major areas of New Delhi and Bangalore in India and make them Griggi enabled which roughly translates to setting up ~1000 Griggi WiFi routers in different restaurants and cafes.

Personal goal - Get more active, work out more (3 times a week) and really finish what I start.

A bit meta, but I want to finish the section of my homepage that lists which projects I'm working on.

Once that's done, maybe I'll start writing a book. Or my PhD thesis. One of those for sure.

I'm going to continue to get out of the way of my team who do an awesome job running http://www.staffsquared.com which we started three years ago.

Using the time this frees up I'll be launching http://www.thingsclick.com and doing some consultancy bits for various companies helping with their digital marketing.

Both services look pretty awesome, I wouldn't mind giving thingsclick a try on some projects, I'm notoriously bad at testing my apps.

Thanks - pop your e-mail on the thingsclick.com site if you haven't already and we'll let you know when it's ready. We just found the existing testing tools (I'm looking at you Selenium) to be very powerful but too cumbersome. We've built something that anybody can use to create tests and re-run them as frequently as necessary.

We're already dog fooding Things Click internally and it's saved us a bunch of time, especially around regression testing. I'm looking forward to seeing how other people find it.

I laid the groundwork in 2015 for a new SaaS[1] for my niche vertical, building acoustics, that will include both project management and technical tools. After a few release cycles and the software matures, the subscription will transition to RaaS, or research as a service that will increase our body of knowledge in the subject and improve the calculators creating a virtuous cycle.

[1] https://10log.com

Funny enough, I just made my first commit[0] to what I hope will be only the first successful game project next year.

I have a ton of half-finished projects I need to either finish or abandon. I even have a Hacker News clone that will probably never see the light of day. But mostly I want to play around with games.


Now that swift is open source, I believe we will see swift on the server too. With that thought, I started learning swift from mid-December. I am learning it with solving programming challenges. I also blog about them here[1]. My Q1 project is to learn swift in-depth with this approach.

[1]: http://tech.jjude.com/swift-challenges/

Make Your New Year's Resolution here: http://yresolution.com/ And support us at https://www.producthunt.com/tech/what-is-your-new-year-s-res...

* Finish a book I have started a few days ago and release it under Creative Commons.

* Finish up a paper I've been working on for the last couple of months.

* Get a contract extension.

* Finish up the reading challenge for the next year (I've failed miserably this year with 16/25 books).

Also, I have two projects in my hand that seem more than interesting and I can't wait to start them as soon as the holidays finish.

Tell us what your book is about

Just my thoughts about the things such as the web, government transparency, open source software, Internet monopolies and similar.

I've been blogging my thoughts for about two years now, but I found that blog posts are too limiting to express my thoughts about these things.

That's why I have decided to write a book that will unite my opinions on these topics, give my back story as a person who grew up in a war torn country that's not very familiar for its technological advancements and the things I've been through trying to compete with international developers and having my right to free speech jeopardized a couple of times.

This year I want to get my first SaaS app out the door. Just started working on making a tool with my friend for documenting and testing apis.

Tangentially related, I've been reading a book called The Willpower Instinct by Kelly McGonigal that has a lot of good ideas that apply to making changes in behavior if you have trouble (as I often do) getting things done.

Would that be more like Runscope [1] or Apiary[2]'s tools like API Blueprint[3]?

[1]: https://www.runscope.com

[2]: https://apiary.io

[3]: https://apiblueprint.org

I've already started mine - a personal dashboard app that combines all my most-used features of various other apps/sites into one place that I control.

So far it handles note-taking and task management, as well as showing me all issues and pull requests assigned to me.

Not a particular project per se, but there are a few technologies that I'm going to devote some serious time towards learning. Elixir/Phoenix is intriguing to me. Going to give TypeScript a serious look - particularly now that it has support for JSX.

Trying to practice fitness and healthy life, otherwise whole day sitting gives weird feelings.

Turn my sudo movie/book/comic/game review site into something a little more

You've been spending too much time on the command line ;)

Is there a niche genre you'll be focusing on? I tried to set something up like that for zombie-horror films about 10 years ago, but once I had started college it became too much work to get and create enough content for me to stay motivated.

The only thing I did get around to doing was setting up a store with affiliate links. Go figure.

A bit businessy and vague, but charge our readers/audience for things rather than entirely relying on advertising/sponsorships (which is working well, don't get me wrong)? So.. diversification, perhaps :-)

- join a startup job :) - just started a personal blog, so keep writing. - travel to many countries to attend dev confs :) - have in mind an IoT solution for brt travel planning in my country.

More realistic goals, this year:

* Publish my game to Google Play, then to iOS Appstore.

* Finish the collaborative art platform I've been working on.

* Launch 3 new side-projects that each sustain a MRR of $1000+/mo.

Massive group video chat => WebRTC, phoenix/elixir :)

I've started making music. I will continue to do this, as well as hack my way through the eternal pile of side projects.

Becoming a vandweller. Fixing up and selling my house.

Getting back into bike racing after 20 years!

The same one that I tried to start in 2015.

I will do swift (2d games and ios apps) :)

I'd like to properly understand Elliptic Curve Cryptography.

Build a 2D platformer in an HTML canvas with no game libraries.

Something VR, or a drawing app for ipad pro and apple pencil

eating better especially when I eat out and helping others to eat better.

Trying to finish bestfoodnearme.com and give it a new look with pictures to help in this endeavor.

Finish up Kloudtrader.com

Build an ecommerce platform

I will provide one awesome Startup idea every Tuesday for the whole 2016 on my website http://ideasU.com

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