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Apple ][ Watch (instructables.com)
134 points by braythwayt on Dec 30, 2015 | hide | past | favorite | 24 comments

From the comments:

>This is incredible and has great significance to the maker community. I would buy this over the Apple watch and would wear it too! It would go well with my nixie watch.


It's not entirely clear to me whether the poster of that comment is in fact the real Steve Woz (it seems that that's his only post on the site; there's not a lot to go off of to distinguish it between a parody account and the actual guy). I sure hope it is though!

Woz linked to this instructables page on his verified Facebook account the same day as that comment. https://www.facebook.com/thinkbig/posts/989165078413

It looks like someone else posted this to the FB account, not the other way around.

No, Woz commented on that post with the Instructables link.

That clinches it!

I don't think I'll ever buy the actual Apple Watch, at least this generation and the next. But I'd much less reluctantly plop down $300 for this, not because of its functionality, but just for being a style accessory (isn't that the main point of watches these days) and a clever one at that. I wonder if Woz has seen this? He'd probably buy one and then try to get Integer BASIC working on it.

Look at the first comment!

LOL. Damn, I've been so trained to not read the comments on articles that I didn't even bother checking. Of course Woz chimed in, and did so in his typical low key way.

Coincidentally, yesterday I saw that he chimed in on an HN thread a year ago: https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=stevewoz

Would love to see him pop in on any one of the retro computing discussions that make the front page.

Long time Instructable user. Fwiw, The comments section on Instructables is quite healthy/proactive/helpful. The community does a good job at policing, similar to HN.

At least it's not another silly Kickstarter campaign...

> 800 mAh LiPo battery (gives about a 3 hour lifetime)

Bit of a problem for a watch though.

Did you see the comment by damianpeckett1? He thinks he can get it up to 24 hours. That's pretty much what an average smart watch gets anyway.

They should make it into a pipboy then :)

I'd buy that.

This is amazing and innovative. The retro look makes it so cool that I would buy it rather than going for a real smartwatch.

The best part is, with 3d printed body, one can even make it look like a steampunk watch or say a pip-boy.

The interesting thing is, imho, that the capabilities of our old microcomputers are probably exactly what a modern day watch can handle :)

From some quick searching, the CPU inside an Apple Watch is somewhere in the ballpark of the first iPad and includes 512MB of RAM.

More than enough to emulate an old computer at full speed.

Probably several old computers.

Come on guys, don't be so mean! It is just something for fun! I may spend money on this but not on the actual Apple watch... At least I can have fun with this toy.

My first true love was an Apple IIc. I want this.

It's not a 6502, not even an emulation.

It's a parody.

This is really cool!

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