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There are some legitimate cases where AWS support is the right place to issue a request. Just the other day I had a VM go down and I issued a request to stop the instance and it just hung there with no valid way to keep shutting it down. Turns out AWS support is the only way for most users to get an instance on a host that suddenly goes down while stopping your VM to be correctly stopped because the underlying API call does not go through and it seems like a small critical section of sorts.

But when you pay AWS so much they are pretty beholden to your requests and can wind up becoming a lot like an MSP. I've spent countless hours with those poor guys waiting on a traceroute failure or for mtr or sat to give some anomalous event that everyone suspects is something wrong in AWS when I've insisted AWS is almost never at fault because our incompetence is almost certainly the problem.

The AWS support team's worst engineer is probably at least in the top 25% of our support engineers I'd argue so I'm sure if my customer had the option they'd want to pay to have them troubleshoot our own internal networks but that's what my team is for I guess.

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