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Nice article, I am working in a small company (Beintoo) dice september 2015 and we use AWS here. I think is a very interesting set if products and you can build any kind of business. For sure the advices given in the article are really useful, in fact I will apply them at my job place.

About comparison with other services, I was working in Deloitte Analytics before, managing the cloud services provided by IBM Softlayer. You cannot compare them, AWS offers many more and I was not really satisfied with SoftLayer, for example I had a problem with a network upgrade they did on January 2014 and I have lost a lot of data, with poor support to restore it. Also the starting price of 25$ per month is really expensive. AWS is far more mature and interesting.

Then for my own servers I use CloudAtCost cause is cheaper but if I run a business for sure I would go with AWS. If you gain money, is not that expensive and if you stick with Amazon advices and philosophy is very reliable.

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