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I've been a customer of linode for over a year and soon will be migrating to another provider, most probably Amazon. The main reason is a lot of connectivity issues and down time. I always hosted pet projects and simple web app on Linode, but just this week, I used it a for a major project. Now, the whole region of Fremont,CA has connectivity issues and is down for a couple of hours per day. The same happens for other regions as well. Maybe always it's been like that, but I've never paid attention. You can see their incident history in here: http://status.linode.com (I browsed it a little bit and it seems they had a lot issues in the past as well) I probably will lost about 6 times more money that Linode has saved me over AWS only for the down time in this week.

So my suggestion is for a small-non critical projects you can use Linode, but for anything serious you better use something that is reliable.

They've been getting DDoSed for the past week. I've had good luck getting credit from them after past outages.

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