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As much as I agree with your point about being hard, I'd also like to add out that there isn't anything even remotely similar to documentation on how a pure dev person could do this outside of AWS, with the lack of managed cognito, API gateway + lambda, and dynamodb.

Making those notions and technologies easy and cheap to access AWS suddenly gave devs the idea that they can roll out complex infrastructure on their own, similar to copy-pasting a piece of code. Well, it is still a bit harder than that, and if you are that kind of dev (which I'd applaud), you'd better dedicate some time to learning those technologies.

This is probably one of my biggest gripes. Our CTO/PMs are like "you weren't able to containerize and get our app autoscaling in a few days? I don't get it? How long will it take? While you're at it, can you implement kinesis/lambda/microservices for the parts of our app that are taking more than 3000ms?"

Me: "I just said I was interested in DevOps and would like to give it a shot, I don't know how long it'll take, I'm working on it."

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