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From a management standpoint, it takes at least 2 developers to run something equivalent. Perhaps not full time, but it doesn't scale out that much - not more than 10 highly available services per team. A good example of this is roughly a 3 instance RabbitMQ cluster used by ~100 people.

1. The "Bus Factor" - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bus_factor

2. Context switching - if you have a developer that also works on coding or other things.

So maybe it's not a full $240k/year for only 1 service, but the price in the door IS that. 2 to 3 extra services will cost no more - that's where AWS will make the money.

I'd think you'd need those staff (or approximate) regardless of whether you used AWS or not, no? It ain't the marketing team that orchestrates all that amazon stuff.

At scale, the arguments about needing 10 admins vs needing 15, for example, start making sense.

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