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I agree that a lot more AWS tutorials and cookbooks would be helpful- but one reason I find so many developers having issues wrapping their head around AWS concepts is that most developers don't have the basic understanding of what they're doing with AWS. Programmers that just write code don't really need to know ANYTHING about AWS because someone else should be setting it up for them. I see so many people doing the most ridiculous things or leaving things completely wide open because they have no concept of network topology, firewalls, segments, VPCs, security groups, deployment templates, etc. I would not trust the vast majority of developers I've ever met to properly setup a simple architecture in AWS because the things you NEED to know aren't covered in the things they've been focusing on for most of their lives. It was predominantly in the domain of the operations/networking/system admin side of things.

I think there's a big need for a crash course for devs that starts with all the crap they previously ignored or had someone else do for them and I say this as someone who has always written code first and done sysadmin second.

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