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Fixing completely dysfunctional F500 IT organizations is something that many, many people have tried across completely different company cultures with maybe a handful of successes I've heard of. Leading huge organizations (especially ones damaged by previously failed leadership efforts - think how attempts to refactor a legacy codebase go and multiply by an order magnitude in number of variables) is very hard and because large organizations tend to have so much capital working for them, IT management failures create a large opportunity (in theory) for optimization by others. In practice, consulting for organizations that don't want to fundamentally change how they do X (or think $ must solve everything and leadership becomes so fragmented into non-communicating middle managers) while wanting large changes to X are the equivalent of an obese person wanting to lose weight without changing their diet or exercising. Yet we know there's a huge "fitness" industry with large profits being made off of those that do not use their products and subscriptions effectively.

Change is tricky. What you said reminded me of an interesting tweet I came across: https://twitter.com/JICare/status/662339652825780224

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