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I wonder when Amazon is going to invest their ungodly earnings into UX. Their UI is absolutely terrible and I shudder every time I have to log into it. Is it purposely built that way to confuse people who don't belong in there?

I've heard this a few times -- AWS is a very complex product that gives you a lot of freedom in how you build your product using it. I think the web UI works about as well as it could given that complexity.

If you want something simpler, you have Heroku and a bunch of similar things which make a bunch of decisions for you -- but you don't have the flexibility there that you do with AWS of course.

There has to be some middle ground between AWS and Heroku though.

There are some options, but the point is, what you're trading for simpler UX is a simpler overall product with less flexibility.

It's called Elastic Beanstalk! As it name suggests you can start as easily as with Heroku, and adapt it later with whatever additional AWS infrastructure you may need.

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