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I don't have a toy example offhand, but the resource failure case I mentioned is one. If resources A, B, and C are in flight at the same time and A fails, Terraform in some as-yet-undiagnosed circumstances will not record state changes caused by the still-in-progress work on B and C. This happens a lot with SNS queues, IIRC, because SNS queue operations on the AWS API take a relatively long time to resolve. So if, say, you mistyped an attribute for an EC2 instance, it can fail out and Terraform will happily forget that it created an SNS queue for you.

I have a sneaking hunch that the continuing problems with template-file resources (complaining that the "rendered" attribute doesn't exist in dependent resources) are related to this, but can't prove that; my clients don't pay me to debug Terraform, but to get their stuff working, and that doesn't leave much time to get in-depth with it now that I've decided not to use it for my own purposes anymore.

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