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I wonder if AWS is a good location to run a VoIP server. VoIP is a real time application that is very prone to jitter, latency and packet loss. I'm concerned about "noisy neighbors" and decreased network performance at AWS.

Does anybody have experience with running a VoIP (e. g. Asterisk) on AWS?

If you're willing to pay, then you can avoid the noisy neighbor problem almost completely by using c3.8xlarge or c4.10xlarge instances. Those instances get their own dedicated 10G NIC. You can use reserved instances to reduce the cost.

But even with smaller instances, AWS network performance is going to be about the same as any VPS provider. The only way to get guaranteed performance is to do Colo, which is expensive.

I sell an application built around VoIP. I dislike running my own servers, so just lately I moved them to AWS.

At first, I used instances that were not very performant, causing some problems. I quickly moved to more powerful instances and since then there have been no problems at all. There is a slight delay, which is normal, since the servers are not in the same country as the users anymore, but the users haven't noticed it at all.

I can't say how well it scales, though. I have a small user-base, so scaling has not been a problem yet. Network performance might become a problem if you have a huge user-base.

How can you be sure that your users haven't noticed?

Twilio runs on AWS.

Check out voicehub.com, their entire stack is on ec2.

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