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> There's numerous of new programmers who want to learn AWS, but can't finish building anything because they get buried in documentation.

I agree partially. In the end the documentation is what you are going to need to read sooner or later. Or trainings equivalent to that documentation. Good tutorials are good for starting, but doesn't make you a professional.

I guess that in 10 years any one will be able to create websites for billions of internet connected users. But for now, as easy at it is, it is still complicated enough to require an expert. In the same fashion that 20 years ago you needed an expert to make a 3D game and nowadays there is plenty of technologies that allow you to do that with a limited amount of programming knowledge.

I have seen horrible things, usually security related, because non trained people think that they can achieve anything just with standard configurations and quick tutorials. And it looks like they where able to do it, until something really bad happens. Even people with long experience can make mistakes because it is a complex thing.

AKA what happens when you take a bunch of God complex programmers and set them loose operating production infrastructure on the Internet?

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