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I second the Terraform suggestion...my team loves it. But we've found storing state in version control to be clunky. Storing state remotely in Consul has been less problematic for us, though S3 would also work for those that don't have a running Consul cluster.

What I love most about Terraform is that we can include the output of terraform plan in pull requests that make infrastructure changes. Then our continuous deployment process runs plan again and requires an identical output before running apply. This both makes it easier for team members to review changes but also ensures that we don't accidentally destroy infrastructure, which is really easy to do with a lot of these infrastructure-as-code tools.

The other thing that Terraform has going for it over CloudFormation is for hybrid cloud deployments, since it can provision infrastructure in vSphere and OpenStack as well as AWS.

Can you go into how you're using consul with terraform?

We're using Consul to store the state remotely (see: https://terraform.io/docs/commands/remote-config.html). In a nutshell, it just stores the JSON it would have stored in the tfstate file in a key in Consul instead. In addition to being easily available in a shared location, this allows you to leverage Consul's features (ACLs, watches, etc) to improve the process of making infrastructure changes.

Stuff we've thought of but haven't gotten around to yet: - Build relatively simple tooling around terraform and Consul to acquire a lock before running apply...we haven't gone to that length yet since only our continuous deployment environment has credentials to mutate production and it runs builds of the infrastructure project sequentially. - Watching the Consul key where the tfstate is stored for changes to kick off sanity checks to ensure that everything is still healthy.

They're both so flexible that there's probably other ways in which they'd work well together that we haven't thought of yet.

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