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F is submodular if F(intersection(A,B) + union(A,B)) <= F(A) + F(B)

And in this way we can actually cut and copy code into text boxes like this one. Whereas we can't with the math forumulas which use a bunch of notation that doesn't work in plaintext.

Also, most math notation uses a bunch of stuff that has no meaning without context (which isn't usually provided to novice readers).

I view math notation as artificial barriers to entry for programmers that didn't have a chance to go to university.

It might help to get the notation correct first. What you have is a type error :)

The fact that you are better trained in a language designed for computers than in a different language designed for humans is not a reason to scrap the language designed for humans. You wouldn't say the same thing about the article if it were written in French.

That "fix" sounds like it would hit a really narrow slice of people who know what intersection and union are but don't know the symbols.

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