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I'm firmly on the static typing side of the fence. But I think you're ignoring what others are saying about where dynamic typing shines: Where you don't know what you're doing to the point that you don't know what the proper types look like. You can try things faster in a dynamic language in that situation, because you can sweep the "don't know what the types look like" part under the rug, and experiment with algorithms, and let that experimentation show you what the types ought to be. In some situations, that can be faster/easier/better than trying, from first principles and analysis, to determine what the types must be.

I think the difference is that I (and, I suspect, you) spend little of our time in that mode, and much more in the mode where static types can save your behind. (Nothing like working on a million-line code base in its second decade to make you value static types.)

No, this is how I program all the time. Usually when I start typing I have only a rough idea of what I want to do.

But in practice this is not a problem. So what if I don't know exactly what type a particular thing will be in the end -- I know generally if it is a number, or an array/list, or a hash/index... that is all I need to know. I use one of those basic types. If I need to change it later I change it later, and the fact that I am in a statically-typed language is great for changes like this because it helps me make them with high confidence.

This is why I don't believe that anyone who makes this argument in favor of dynamic languages really has that much experience in static languages. The actual outcome in real life is the opposite of what is described.

Sometimes you know what the types look like but not in detail. For instance, you know you need a structure with several named properties, but you don't commit to a type for some of them. You can have a fairly deep idea about the object model: what kinds of classes there are and how they connect, yet be loose about some of the lower level details.

You have types in the dynamic realm. Only, you're not restricted to executing nothing but consistently typed programs.

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