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Spot on. Java is such a sad language, so verbose, so cumbersome, so inexpressive, radiating such a condescending stupidity. Its pervasiveness today, at the end of fucking 2015, is just depressing.

You do realize, it's actually pretty good... otherwise it wouldn't be as "pervasive" as it is... (there's hundreds of programming languages, yet Java continues to be one of the most used)

>.. otherwise it wouldn't be as "pervasive" as it is.

There are plenty of reasons why we could suppose it is pervasive without the language overall being very good compared to other languages. Entrenchment comes to mind immediately.

It can also be that a language is great for a period in history.

Haters gonna hate no matter how many reasons you give them. Java is the #1 language out there.

No, I do not realise that. Popularity doesn't equal quality. Summoning Paul Graham again: http://paulgraham.com/pypar.html

Sustained popularity means it's language that solves a lot of problems for a lot of people.

if you have to work with a framework of corporate pick in java it usually turns into an ugly mess really fast because many of them came from a decade of crazy soft coders which decided to put everything in xml whether it made sense or not

otherwise it's a very good language if you get to pick which libraries to work with, has some of the best tooling out there and has matured enough to let dev do what they need to do (like having first citizen memory mapped files, heck, it did non blocking i/o before it was cool and still people think node is radically different because of it)

Agreed, enterprisy patterns haven't helped Java. But sorry, no, I do not think it's a good language. It doesn't really do anything well, it's all luke warm and compelcted. It insists on types, but they have no power and are primarlily a typing (sic.) and visual nuisance. It's supposed to be object oriented, but it has primitive types for performance reasons that appear anachronistic today. Yet it insists on everything being a class and thus prohibits simpler data structures. Its support for functional programming is cumbersome and late to the game. Etc.

There are so many better alternatives on the JVM now — Coljure, Kotlin, Scala.

I agree on types and functional implementation being sucky, but simpler datatype are definitely in, just need some imagination

a struct, by any other name:

public class Point {

   public int x,y;

you can even do binary packed stuff with some fantasy

public class PackedRGBA{

   private long v;

   //following getters and setter bit shifting


It is actually not a bad language and with an IDE like Eclipse or inteliJ you can be quite productive. Sure, they've screwed up majorly a couple of times like inventing JSP and going a bit overboard with J2EE. Overall it is not bad.

"It is actually not a bad language and with an IDE like Eclipse or inteliJ you can be quite productive."

Just as the guy with two broken legs can get around a little bit using a wheelchair. Yes, the wheelchair might be great, but the poor bastard still can't dance.

  This is related to my wheelchair, I suppose. Just
  because I can't walk, people would ignore me when
  making plans to go dancing or maybe even just go for
  coffee. The place probably isn't accessible or they
  think, what would a girl who can't walk do when we go
  clubbing or dancing? Honestly, I dance better than
  you, and I'm only moving my upper body.
By Virali Modi, Paralyzed since 2006.


EDIT: It took a couple tries to get the formatting write. Anyway, I'm just saying that 1) You shouldn't just call people in 'poor bastards', and 2) There are people in wheelchairs who can dance well and enjoy it a lot.

Your comment history indicates you're a Javascript programmer. No comment.

I really love those endless entertaining bashy discussions about the most widely used programming language in histoty. You hatefull guys out there would not even be able to use your credit card for making a single checkout, your bank would not be able to do a single transaction, your online experience would simply not be existent, but no problem, you would not notice because you would have no phone in your pocket to consume all this irrelevant stuff, made with a robust, highly optimized and reliable language...Sure Java is no beauty, it is sheere Power...powering an immense part of the digital world we live in. please stop whining an face one of the most advanced pieces of information technologies ever. it is here to stay. P.S.: without Java your favourite toy would be named only "Script" ...would be sad, wouldn't it? ;-)


I wish, but unfortunately I do backend work in Java as well. The relative expressiveness and simplicity of JavaScript saves me from Stockholm syndrome, I guess. But still... Every time I touch Java I have to puke a little in my mouth while tears of blood roll down my cheeks and my soul dies a little. The horror.

Speaking of radiating condescension...

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