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From the manifesto on your site:

> One of the challenges to building a fully automated house, particularly one that grows and evolves over time, is the ability to program with ease. In theory it’s great if your sprinklers turn off when it rains, or if the lights go on at sunset, but these actions today take a skilled programmer many hours to assemble. [...] Even complicated queries can be effortlessly programmed, such as, “At sunrise if I’m home slowly fade the bedroom lights on, open the drapes, turn on the radio, and brew a pot of coffee.”

That's interesting, yeah. I mean I spent a few hours recently building a little script that makes my apartment's foyer light change based on the temperature and weather during the day, and go to a dim red at night, and I really wish it was a simpler process than "kludging together a Python script".

If you've got any of that kind of stuff up and running, you should be linking to that, not to a video that is essentially nothing you can't replicate with Siri and a light system that registers with HomeKit, or Echo, Cortana, or Google Now with similar plugins.

Also is there supposed to be any actual lists of brands of connected devices in the 'works with' page? All I see is greyscale photos of various anonymous devices with a word or two and an icon superimposed on them. It works with "LIGHTING" and "OUTDOORS" and "SECURITY", great, does it work with my lighting or outdoors or security?

Also: If the product is named "Josh", why is its default voice female? Has "Josh" shifted from a male-coded name to a female-coded one when I wasn't looking? Or is your product intended to present as a transman who really needs to work on his voice?

Gender: we have a variety of systems set up and we try to give them each a unique personality. My home, for example, is a male named Theodore with a British accent. The LA office is Scarlett and the Denver office is Samantha.

Website: we have a new website launching soon with a lot more information. You stumbled upon a page I hope to finish building today. Sorry for the confusion.

"Voice programming": We chose to focus on getting a product to market and proving customer demand before building out the entire developer portal. It's definitely the plan and we want to do it, it's just not where we see early revenue coming from and as a small team we have to pick our battles. I can't wait to open this stuff up when ready.

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