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Awesome! This is great man. How long have you been working on this for, and what are you using to processing the speech (is it internally developed or are you leveraging an API or something)? This seems like a fun hack just for home.

A couple years ago in my dorm, I set up a clapper and set up a server to play my music when I was out of my dorm, so that when I was coming home I could play the sound of the clapper to get my lights started. Or if I was in my room's WiFi network, I could ask Siri to play "Turn on the Lights", and it would play an MP3 of me clapping and turn on the lights. This is obviously way cooler, and I always thought I'd one day sit and hack out something like this with Wit.ai or something. What are your plans for this?

Thanks! The NLP engine is a couple years in the making, but the app and product are just a few months in. Were initially building for large homes where voice control can be super helpful, but we're already working on developer tools to let others build Josh into their systems. Your hack sounds pretty awesome. If you don't already have one, think about getting a Sonos Play:1 and tinkering with the unofficial API. You can do some pretty fun things with it.

* just a note, we are working with an official private Sonos API, it's just hard to get access if you're starting out tinkering.

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