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This article has kind of occam's razored me, because I can't actually tell if the author is serious. Do the inline HTML strings common to this style of programming remind anyone else of the good old days of writing PHP code with a bunch of echo statements and concatenated strings to build your pages? It seems to me that the author has sort of managed to move the V from MVC into the C, which I thought we had already discovered was a bad idea.

I work in a Flask and Jinja shop, so it's not really fair for me to pass judgement one way or another without having actually spent a month using this style. I just can't help preferring the Jinja method of templates that are mostly HTML with some templating code mixed in, vs. executable code that happens to be mostly concatenated strings of HTML.

Re: good old days of php.

Drupal 8 still does this. Look at the core modules help functions as an example if you don't beleive it.

See: why I will vehemently avoid all future Drupal projects (1 was enough)

  > This article has kind of occam's razored me, because I can't
  > actually tell if the author is serious.
Let me introduce you to my good friend: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law

(I actually didn't read the article yet, but that's what it sounds like you mean here)

That's exactly what I was thinking, too, when reading:

  > I know, it sounds like one of these “duh! moments”, but I can’t think of an instance where I saw this pattern explained in some article. 
The comment section was pretty quick to point out the article that the author couldn't find. I mean, some readers are pushing back because they legitimately disagree, but I was more so confused because React already does this. And it's somewhat well documented. Though the author coming to a similar conclusion by himself is praise worthy.

Could I possibly ask where you work? I've been trying to find more places that work with Flask or Jinja to improve my own knowledge about the specific niche I eventually want to fill in a year or two and haven't really been able to find much out there.

Same here, reminded me of PHP

Java servlets

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