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You can hardly take GPL source, modify it and refuse to distribute it to certain groups - wether this is your choice or a rule imposed by your country

A particular country's law takes precedence over the GPL.

So if your country's laws says you can't full fill your obligations in the GPL then you can't use it?

What section of the GPL do these rules keep you from your obligations under?

Remember that the GPL does not require that you distribute to anyone. Instead it says that if you do distribute then you must provide source and cannot prevent the recipient's freedom to further redistribute. But regulations saying that you cannot personally distribute to person A don't prevent you from distributing to anyone else, so long as you follow the requirements of the copyright license.

You can't modify and distribute it. The GPL doesn't affect you if you just run the program. (Section 9 of GPLv3 says this explicitly and several sections of GPLv2 imply it)

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