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Or maybe the first few AGIs will want to spend their days watching youtube vids rather than diving into AI research. The only intelligences we know of that are capable of working on AGI are humans. We're assuming that not only will we be able to replicate human-like intelligence (seems likely, but might be much further away than many think), but that we'll be able to isolate the "industrious" side of human intelligence (not sure if we'll even be able to agree on what this is), enhance it in some way (how?), and that this enhancement will be productive.

But even if we can do all that any time soon (which is a pretty huge if), we don't even know what the effect will be. It's possible that if we remove all of the "I don't want to study math, I want to play games" or "I'm feeling depressed now because I think Tim's mad at me" parts of the human intelligence, we'll end up removing the human ingenuity important to AGI research. It might be that the resulting AGI is much more horrible at researching AI than a random person you pull off the street.

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