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>Ahhh... The power of not knowing what you don't know.

Ok: what don't I know, that is interesting and relevant to this problem? Tell me.

>I mean, why can't I live forever?

Mostly because your cells weren't designed to heal oxidation damage, so eventually the damage accumulates until it interferes with homeostasis. There are a bunch of other reasons and mechanisms, but overall, it comes down to the fact that the micro-level factors in aging only take effect well after reproductive age, so evolution didn't give a fuck about fixing them.

>Let's just list the problems and solve them in the next year!

I said I'd have a plan with lists of open problems in nine months. I expect that even at the most wildly optimistic, it would take a period of years after that to actually solve the open problems and a further period of years to build and implement the software. And that's if you actually gave me time to get expert, and resources to hire the experts who know more than me, without which none of it is getting done.

As it is, I expect machine-learning systems to grow towards worthiness of the name "artificial intelligence" within the next 10-15 years (by analogy, the paper yesterday in Science is just the latest in a research program going back at least to 2003 or 2005). There's no point rushing it, either. Just because we can detail much of the broad shape of the right research-program ahead-of-time, especially as successful research programs have been conducted on which to build, doesn't mean it's time to run around like a chicken with its head cut-off.

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