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I implement workable.com at every single company I work/consult with. It's insanely easy to use, incredibly intuitive and makes life so much easier for everyone involved in the hiring process.

I despise LinkedIn however it's still the largest database of professionals out there so I pay for a 'recruiter lite' account which is quite useful.

connectifier.com/search is great for saving time in trying to extract an individuals contact info.

Gild.com is insanely expensive but a decent investment if you're hiring a significant number of people.

gender-decoder.katmatfield.com is a wonderful (free) resource to help you ensure your job adverts are using universally appealing language.

charliehr.com is a great, lite-HR system that allows you to manage all of your documentation, holidays and payroll details in one place, and it's free.

twiangulate.com/search/ is quite useful for discovering potentially interesting people on twitter.

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