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Improbable| London, UK | Engineering | FULL-TIME (ONSITE)

++What We Do++

We're building Spatial OS; a distributed operating systems that scales arbitrarily to 1000s of machines across a proprietary cloud-agnostic, distributed system. Spatial OS transforms how we look at complex systems in areas as diverse as city management, defence, economics and entertainment, enabling a new class of applications and businesses for the future.

Basically we're building the step beyond "big-data" > http://bit.ly/1Mpok48

++Why Join++

At Improbable we are building software to solve completely new and complex problems around distributed systems, AI, auto-scaling and container-based infra; all at massive scale with extreme performance requirements. We operate in small, agile, autonomous teams each working on key aspects of our offering.

++What We Look For++

1/ Experience writing high quality code at scale (We use Scala, Go, C++, Docker, Mesos, CoreOS, GRPC and more)

2/ Desire to work on never before solved problems.

++Hiring For++

* Build Engineers * Security Engineers * Distributed Systems Engineers * Sales Engineers * Support Engineers * Product Engineers * Technical Recruiters * Full-stack Engineers * Technical Writers

Check out http://improbable.io/about/careers for all roles.

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