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You can play* or watch games in progress by:

$ ssh nethack@alt.org

It's also available as a standalone program you can run on your own machine.[1]

You can follow milestones, defeats, and victories at #nethack@freenode. See NAO[2] for more information!

* NAO currently runs NetHack 3.4.3.

[1] - http://www.nethack.org

[2] - https://alt.org/nethack/

Also the server admin for NAO is Pasi Kallinen which got added to the DevTeam earlier this year.

From what he told me, he worked hard this year to add lots of what is considered "standard" among the modern NetHack forks. He didn't succeed completely but it's an uphill battle if some of your code changes are code reviewed with comments like "but this won't compile on a pre ANSI C compiler".

I hope he and the other new members will be able to jump start again the development of NetHack.

Should say that NAO currently runs a heavily patched version of 3.4.3. Specifically, the menucolors and pickup_thrown patches that are mentioned as being part of 3.6 are already in 3.4.3_NAO.

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