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Curious that they are still on sourceforge.

Moving a large project, particularly one that uses lots of the SF.net infrastructure, is non-trivial. Github only provides replacements for some of that infrastructure. Even if you can trivially move all of your code into github, and don't rely on mailing lists, ticket tracker, file downloads, etc. you've still got to update documentation, download links across sites you may not have control over, change code that relies on sf.net links (for automatic updates, etc.).

For the project I work on, we moved code hosting to github years ago, but still have our downloads hosted by SF.net, and haven't even thought of what to do about mailing lists and tickets. We'll get around to moving it all, eventually, but for small teams working on a project with so many users, so many files, so many mailing lists, so many tickets, and just a lot of pieces that make up the "project", it's a lot of work, and the gains may not be immediately felt.

I don't know where the NetHack team is in their migration, but it is apparent they're working on it. I'm not gonna criticize them for not having it done already.

And, of course, there is no guarantee that github won't turn evil, someday, too.

github supports file downloads through the releases feature.

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