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Fraugster | http://www.fraugster.com/ | Berlin, Germany ONSITE, FULL-TIME

DevOp / Linux SysAdmin

We're a small startup based in Berlin tackling credit card fraud, our core stack is built on Golang web services, PostgreSQL and Kafka amongst other technologies. We're looking for a strong shell scripter with a ton of experience managing virtualized Linux environments on both bare metal servers and cloud providers like Google Cloud and AWS who can automate our deployment pipeline. Experience with Docker is a must, also it helps if you’ve worked as a developer in your past. You’ll be responsible for our infrastructure and have a big say in how things are done. As a company, problems are handled pragmatically & professionally, expectations are high but we’re more interested in someone who knows where their knowledge stops and wants to be constantly improving. The work environment in comparison to other startups I’ve been in would best be described as ‘sane’, in that projects are planned, code tested, efforts estimated and reviewed. Our current team is cross-functional and highly experienced in this field. We offer competitive salaries, good working conditions and we are willing to sponsor visas.

Please contact us at jobs@fraugster.com

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