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What are the chances that these go down the path of HackPad and be turned into open source projects? I think it's a win-win situation if companies, such as Google and now Dropbox: let go of the responsibility of maintaining it and allow the project to live on in the hands of the community.


Will Mailbox be open-sourced?

Unfortunately not. We gave a lot of thought to open-sourcing the underlying system, but this is ultimately not something we will support.

Good idea. I was bummed out when Google Wave was cancelled, then happy when I found out how easy it was to run the derivative Apache Wave on my own server, then bummed again when friends and family did not want to use my Apache Wave instance because of the limited network effect (i.e, not enough people were using it).

That would be just as bad, considering no one's really touched HackPad in the intervening time.

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