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Cool products coming and going doesn't really even surprise me anymore. I've become a little jaded to the whole come and go of all the different tools and apps.

Anyway, if you guys haven't checked out Boxer [1] for email, it's the best. I went a little obsessive, tested every email client on iOS, and this one was without a doubt is my favorite:

* Push notifications

* Doesn't hijack labels with archive/to-do/completed nonsense

* Universal inbox

* Nice labeling/archiving/customizing via swiping

* Beautiful interface

I love it and highly recommend

[1] http://www.getboxer.com/

Check this out


how likely is that they will shutter it down, rebrand it in a way that we/me will not like it.

It will be brought into Airwatch and used exclusively for that.

Thank you for recommendation, I don't believe I heard about it before you mentioned it.

No problem. I honestly liked it better than MailBox - and the built in iOS email client (for obvious reasons), Outlook, Sunrise, GMail, etc.

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