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And as far as I know, they did not use any encryption anyway, so I don't even see the point here, it's totally unrelated. Should we ban unencrypted connections then since that's what they used ?

And even if they did, these are low tech attacks. Trying to stop people from shooting others (or knifing, or bombing) is essentially impossible, from a technological standpoint. It's like 9/11. How much money and work does that _really_ require? Is there anyone that doesn't think they and a group of friends could not have done the same thing?

[Well, with current tech anyways. A hyperintelligent AI with on-demand wormhole mastery could probably pull it off.]

Let's get to the root of it - they were humans. We should definitely ban those. Mankind is evil anyway - just think of how many victims it had! /s

Exactly, and they committed crimes using cars ! I mean, it can't just be a coincidence, in the previous Charlie Hebdo attacks, the guys also used a car to escape from there ! If we ban cars, then no more attacks, it cannot be any simpler than that !

They didn't use encryption for 1 SMS, the "start now" SMS they send with an anonymous pre-payed card. All tactical discussion go trough encrypted channels like the Telegram app or this one they made : https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CVn3xjpWEAEO0FF.jpg

Yes, they used plain SMS, but that's irrelevant. What matters for the policy makers is the propaganda.

A Belgian minister saw a PS4 console in a terrorist's room and concluded that the bad guys used the encrypted PS4 messaging system to communicate. The newspapers ran with it and this is the official narrative even today.

Guess who gets more funding to intercept more encrypted communication? And not just in France. Italy is joining the fun too, with the postal police getting new "terror watch" units that snoop on even more stuff to keep us safe.

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