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And they were mocking the reactionary Patriot Act.

Learning from the past is hard. Or in this case, simply neglected for convenience. Cui bono?

Who's "they"? Do you have links to "they"? Do you have proof that the one "they" is the same group as the other "they"?

I'll get back to you when I'm done with my delicious freedom fries.

I can't quite tell if you're a troll or merely have a really hard time understanding that France is actually in a very complex position here.

This entire thread is so depressingly misinformed about the country that I don't have the heart to correct people.

Namely people are quick to forget that France is in fact in a state of emergency and that conditions do change when that's pulled. It doesn't mean we should lie down and accept anything and everything, but forgetting what's actually going on makes everything worse.

There are serious issues with the current french government but they have nothing to do with "the left" or "the right", as if those things ever mattered. They have to do with how NIH and technologically impaired France is and that hasn't changed since the minitel.

History doesn't teach anything. It only helps with understanding the present.

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