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I actually found out about this because the guy that created this project contacted me with respect to a package I had uploaded that contained my .npmrc. I was totally blown away, as I'd just followed instructions for creating an npm package I found online. When he contacted me -- prior to publishing this work, which leaves me in awe of his coolness -- panic ran through my veins, because I'm usually paranoid about this kind of thing. Through talking with him, I discovered that I'd published my .npmrc inadvertently, and I got pretty mad at npm that it was even possible. When the npm people contacted me (I'm assuming they had acted on ChALkeR's contacting them), they were very receptive to the obvious feedback of checking for this kind of thing when publishing.

It really depends what's in the .npmrc. For example, you might have one containing only a setting to use absolute versions when installing packages and saving them. It's also worth noting that it's a good idea (although I always forget) to use the files field of package.json to act as a whitelist.

Edit: the author notes that these are excluded by npm anyway these days. The documentation does not reflect this.


> npm will no longer include .npmrc when packing tarballs.

Thanks! I just took a quick look at https://docs.npmjs.com/files/package.json

If I remember in the morning, I'll send them a PR to update their docs.

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