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Edge is certainly much faster than Chrome/Firefox for JS processing that I wish I could use it on Linux. Looks like that might be happening. Really great news.

I didn't know Node.js could use anything but v8. This is also very nice.

I'm not sure where the hangup is, but I've found that Edge is fast as hell for initial page startup, but lags behind quite a lot when under heavy load.

I've seen the benchmarks but in my experience it just... lags...

For example, on the kangax ES6 compatibility table [1]. On chrome clicking a column takes less than a second, on Edge (i'm on an up-to-date Windows 10 machine, no preview stuff) it loads faster than in chrome, but takes 3+ seconds to switch between columns.

Even some of the stuff i've written acts similarly, and i can't figure out why.


I know between Chrome and Firefox for a particular project of mine (which is a bit old now), Firefox ran raw JS faster, but Chrome could update its DOM faster. FF would spend much more time when many updates needed to happen in a large column of divs (10k+). Raw JS speed isn't everything.

I get that, the Kangax table was just an example I literally ran into moments before.

But for a more "pure" js example, I have an app which does some image processing in the browser using the canvas ImageData stuff and typed arrays.

For whatever reason my test case completes in about 3 seconds in chrome, 3 to 4 seconds in FF, 11 seconds in IE11, and 6 seconds in Edge.

I've profiled the hell out of it and i just can't figure out the reasoning for it, but it's there. (and as a side note, having the dev tools open in Edge obliterates javascript performance, my test case was taking 30+ seconds to run when i had the dev tools open and it took me longer than i'd like to admit to figure that one out)

I have a feeling the problem is that i'm optimizing for V8 because i know it the best, and i'd much rather not do that if possible.

Chrome's Dom and painting engine is faster than Edge. That being said Edge just came out recently and is still bogged down by some of IE 11 stuff like the trident layout engine. I'm sure they are really invested to make it faster.

Think about it, Microsoft really wants bing to succeed, for it to happen, Edge has to succeed so I'm sure they are putting their best minds behind it. Its a matter of time.

I think theoretically Node.js could work without V8, and guess some of MS's work for IoT was indeed that (swapping V8 for Chakra).

There used to be an Mozilla spidermonley based node.js too, though it isn't maintained atm.



There is an actively maintained Spidermonkey port of Node.js called jxcore. It also supports an older version of V8 from the 0.10 branch.


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