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Wow. They're really serious about changing their philosophy aren't they. Using Github for their stuff, making and open sourcing Visual Studio Code, other stuff I can't remember, and now this.

They're aware of the permeance of open-source in current tech scene and want to be a part of it than fight it. Not many startups (except for DreamSpark, BizSpark, and Seattle/Redmond based ones) build on MS stack nowadays. MS audits are dreaded (thanks to Oracle for showing the way) and a diversion for a growing startup. It's better to steer clear of MS & other proprietary tech whilst building a startup.

They're embracing startups since they need them and are changing their business models to cater better to smaller startups than the behemoth enterprises with Office 365, Azure, etc.

If they go full SaaS I would not be surprized if they go Open Source on Windows itself, seriously. I think for that to happen Nadella needs one big win/turnaround and the shareholders might be on board.

Well, it seems feasible if they take out enterprisey features. For example Windows without AD support could be an option. Or without remote desktop support.

The hobbyists would use it as is but no company would touch it without support anyway.

Unless my memory is playing tricks on me, a couple of months back, Mark Russinovich (of SysInternals fame) gave a talk somewhere and mentioned that they were looking into that.

Sounds kind of strange to say it out loud, though. ;-)

He said it was not impossible, he never said MS was considering it ATM

Thanks for the correction!

Still, given where Microsoft is coming from and given Russinovich's position, this is significant.

I was literally blown away by Visual Studio Code. It is an amazing editor. I haven't opened sublime since.

I really wanted to like VSCode but couldn't get over the "working files" paradigm and consequent lack of tabs :(

Have gone back to Sublime 3 for now but if the VSCode devs ever decided to support tabs I'd switch.

I'm still pretty much on Atom, but yes VSC wasn't expected. I would migrate if most of my plugins were available on there.

I wish it could keep all the file info between quiting/opening and auto-saving similar to the way that sublime does.

I prefer Atom

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