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I worked in this space for a very long time. Here are my thoughts on health data integration [0]. In a nutshell:

"At it's core the government need only do one thing to encourage innovation in the interoperability space and it is this:

The government, by means of regulation and incentive, ensure that any vendor of data systems that create or store data make adequate interoperability features and documentation available for said system.

I call this the Core Mandate. The core mandate must be unequivocal with no loopholes. What do I mean by "interoperability features"? Simply:

- If a system creates data, the ability to read that data is fully described in documentation.

- If a system stores data, the vendor will provide an API and/or SDK, with accompanying documentation, such that authenticated requests may create, read, update or delete that data programmatically as appropriate.

A system is defined as any software application or hardware device."

[0] http://siculars.posthaven.com/health-data-integration-regula...

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