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It's on Bluemix!!!

Here is my experience with Bluemix:

1. We needed to get bills to send to our accounting department. There is no way to get this out of Bluemix. We needed to contact 5 different people and send 2 different support tickets.

2. At one point we couldn't log into our accounts, the authentication server was down.

3. The docker container doesn't always get internet. Also it sure as hell is guaranteed to not have internet if you restart it.

4. If you use their SAAS databases, then some of them you can connect to from the outside world, but some you can't. And there is no way of knowing which.

5. Just because IBM makes a product available doesn't mean it works. We used NodeRED together with the IBM developed database connectors for DashDB. That connector will timeout after ~24 hours and then not throw any errors when you keep writing to it. Took 3 days to figure this out and fix it.

6. Their deploy system is nice, pity it brings down your service for 5-10 minutes even for deploys that are literally 100 lines of java code.

7. It's painfully slow to push images to their docker hub. Took 3 hours to upload an image with ubuntu and java. And our uplink is 50mbit.

Hi hmottestad!

I am one of the people working on the IBM container service that's available as part of Bluemix. I am not here in any official capacity, just as someone who wants to understand what the pain points of our customers.

Let me start by saying that I understand your pain. As every product on the market, we have issues occasionally, such as the authentication one you mentioned or the networking. However, these are only exceptions and rarely affect our users, at least as far as we are aware. Did this happen repeatedly or was it a one time occurrence?

With regards to the ticketing system, I believe you are correct. Things are not as smooth as you or I would like them to be. I will pass this on to the management chain.

For the uploading speed of images, I also believe this may be quite rare, since I cannot remember hearing complaints about it. Did this happen on separate occasions?

With that being said, please send us tickets when something is not going the way you'd expect.

Thank you for your feedback!

The authentication one came right when we were going to shut down our use of bluemix. We reported it directly to IBM here in Norway.

The networking issue in docker happened for a few days. The "fix" from IBM (after a ticket) was for us to add a 30 second sleep to our containers. Needles to say this wasn't a fix we were happy with.

Tickets were also a huge hassle in the beginning. It was a 10 step process just to submit a ticket. It got better after a while.

We didn't file a ticket about the upload speed for images. I just remember sitting in a meeting realizing that the container had crashed, and when I restarted it it had no internet. So I thought, that while I was at it I would just push a new image with some bug fixes. That worked fine and I got a new container with internet, but pushing the image took more time than the meeting lasted without there being large changes to the image.

Thank you for providing detail into the stench of your experience.

This might help with the deploy downtime (works on Bluemix , PWS, etc):


Nice, Testsuite As A Service, I like it!

Buy some of the stock, you'll feel better :)

Shouldn't he "short" the stock instead? ;)

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