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I set this up yesterday and it worked great.

I went from a blank slate on lets encrypt, to deployed SSL cert in less than an hour. Most of the time was spent discovering that 1) acme-tiny requires Python 2.7 or above to be installed and 2) you need to create the .well-known/acme-challenge/ directory structure manually.

After that it was all smooth sailing.

Would love for feedback on how to make this script python 2.6 compatible! https://github.com/diafygi/acme-tiny/issues/9

I think it would be better to let 2.6 wither on the vine. Everyone is supposed to be migrating to 3.x. Supporting defunct 2.x series with new code doesn't help matters. Anyone so glacially stuck that they can't upgrade to 2.7 has more security issues than lack of HTTPS.

Agreed. 2.6 is was EOLed over 2 years ago and is consequently already missing significant security patches (e.g. CVE-2014-1912). I think it's unnecessary and maybe even unwise to support it, especially for a security-critical application.

I used it as well yesterday and it worked very well! The only thing that could be probably explained better is how to set up file permissions for the renew script, I had to do this by trial and error. An example of few commands implementing best practice would be nice.

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